Welcome to the Jailhouse Saloon, where everyone wants to do time!

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Jailhouse Pizza
Regular Menu Items

Jail Break Pizza's

Sing Sing : thick crust, traditional sauce, sausage and mushroom.

12"......$11.00        16".....$18.00

Supermax ADX : thick crust, traditional sauce, sausage, pepperoni, mushrooms, onions, green peppers, and black olives.

12".....$15.00        16".....$24.00

Alcatraz : thick crust, sweet BBQ sauce, sausage, pepperoni, canadian bacon, and onions.

12".....$14.00        16".....$22.50

San Quentin : thin crust, traditional sauce, canadian bacon and pineapple.

12".....$10.00        16".....$17.00

Leavenworth : thin crust topped with ranch dressing, cajun seasoning, diced white chicken meat, onions, mushrooms, and green peppers.

12".....$12.00        16".....20.50


16 Cheese Pizza: thin crust.....$14.00

thick crust........$15.00

$1.50 per each additional topping

12" Cheese Pizza: thin crust.......$8.00

thick crust.......$9.00

$1.00 per each additional topping

7" Crust Pizza: thin crust.......$4.7

thick crust......$5.25

$0.75 each topping

Toppings Available

Sausage Pepperoni
Canadian Bacon Black Olives
Fresh Mushrooms Onions
Green Peppers Pineapple
Green Olives Extra Cheese

Home Made Pizza Fries

Hot, melted garlic butter spread on a pizza crust and topped with our four cheese blend. Served with Marinara Sauce. An all time favorite.

7" pizza fries  $6.75

12" pizza fries  $7.50

16" pizza fries  $13.50

thick crust $1.00 extra


Jailhouse Saloon     W25644 State Road 35/54 Centerville WI 54661     608-539-JAIL (5245)

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